The London Music Space Complex

London Music Space has 22 purpose built music studios available for rent.

Based in the heart of London’s fashionable Hoxton district, and with 24/7 access, these spaces are of varying size, ranging from small programming rooms to large band rehearsal studios. Since they are designed to be configurable to your own requirements, none of the studios is supplied with any equipment.

Potential uses include:

Running a commercial studio

Some of our tenants run commercial studios within the building, with their own paying clients. These range from small DJ based programming rooms to full scale ProTools rigs designed to record live bands.

Recording an album or other project

For busy artists and songwriters, a private, dedicated space for writing and recording is essential. Our spaces are perfect for this use – many chart hits have been written in late night sessions somewhere upstairs at the Fortress!

Songwriting and rehearsal

About half the rooms are suitable for quiet 3-5 piece band writing sessions and rehearsals. We do not allow PA’s or mic’d up drum kits in the rooms and tenants are expected to maintain reasonable volume levels. (Full-scale rehearsal facilities are available within the building). / multimedia
Record labels, live agents, internet radio stations and web designers have all found uses from our rooms.

Private studio / chillout area

We suspect some of our tenants just want their own room to make some noise, as well as their own space to get away from the girlfriend / boyfriend / mum!